About The Training Room

Karen Newman

The Training Room is an independently-owned physical therapy practice.

The Training Room is conveniently located in the Troy Sports Center.

Our goal

We work to help restore patients mobility and flexibility while reducing pain following surgery, sport injuries, mobility related problems, and overuse syndromes.

Our physical therapy facility

...includes a variety of cardiovascular and resistance training equipment to return to functions and activities.

Therapeutic exercise and manual therapy

...are the hallmarks of our physical therapy interventions.

Individualized care

We design patient-specific return-to-function and sport rehabilitation programs based on current evidence. We tailor and modify each physical therapy program, in partnership with the referring physician, based on the patients needs and goals.

Every patient is evaluated and treated by a licensed physical therapist specializing in manual therapy. Patients are urged to make their personal health, body mechanics, and fitness top priority.

Our highly educated, licensed staff of physical therapists

...have specialized and advanced training in orthopedic manual therapy as well as strength and conditioning. They have a great range of experience working with patients with minor orthopedic injuries and professional athletes with sport related injuries.

After treatment

Through our Maintenance Program, we offer patients continued use of our cardiovascular and resistant training equipment and free weights to maintain their independence and high functional performance after completing their physical therapy programs.